Update from Nepal!


Hi everyone!

There have been some updates in facebook from Children-BEEP, but this blog has been «dead» for some time now, I’m sorry about that. Andrea, my team partner last year, is in Nepal these days. She has already been there for about two weeks and has one week left. She wrote a blogpost for me as she is joining our dear project in the north of Kathmandu.

«Hi everybody!

Here is just a short update for what’s going on in Children-BEEP.
For you who don’t know me, my name is Andrea and I was in Nepal together with Ida last year. Now I’m back in this beautiful country for three weeks and I’ve been helping a bit in the project here. It’s been amazing to come back to Nepal even though it’s for a short time. To meet people again, to talk the little of Nepali that I can, to enjoy the food and the landscape and to see how far the project has come – all in all: I feel blessed!

It’s very inspiring to see that the project Devendra only was talking about last year now has become a reality. And things are really going forward. Devendra has now a regular schedule for when he is teaching in the two schools, Abhiyan Public School and Trilok Children Academy. Four days a week he is teaching children in the age of 6 to 16 years about environment and solid waste management. He has good contact with the principle and the vice principle in these schools and they are happy to have him there. The students also seem very interested in what he is teaching and they are active and involved in the lessons. It’s good to see how engaged they are and that they see that it’s everyone’s responsibility to do something about the problems.

Another thing worth mentioning is the World Environment Day that was on June 5th. On this day both the schools were joining in a cleaning campaign and they had a speech competition related to the topics that Devendra teach about. They made banners and they walked in a parade and they proclaimed the importance of changing people’s attitude towards waste and garbage.
Also, Sunita and Sarmila are doing a great work with the handicraft. Right now they are making beautiful cards out of recycled paper that I will bring back to Norway when I go back on Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to sell some of these in Norway, so that it could be a way of supporting Children-BEEP financially. Later on they will also start making some handicrafts out of recycled plastic, so it will be exciting to see how the results will be.

Thank you for all kinds of support to Children-BEEP. It’s highly appreciated from the team here!»

The following photos are taken by Andrea during her stay in Nepal.

Andrea and Devendra painting the building on our project site


Project site

Devendra is teaching in school four times a week. Here we can see him introducing the students to dust bins.

The sisters Sharmila and Sunita are in charge of the handicraft making.
These cards are handmade on our project site by our team.

Handmade cards

Beautiful hanficraft from recycled paper

Project video


Hi everyone!

Steinar and I are back in Norway after 2,5 amazing months in Nepal. Feel so blessed to be a part of this project. Even though alot is done, there is still alot of work left, so it’s just to keep up the work. Devendra is working very hard in Nepal and I am doing my effort from Norway. I really want to show you pictures of how far we came just before we left, but there is something wrong with my harddrive, so hopefully it will come later.

If you take a look on this link, you will find an instruction movie about the project! Hope you’ll enjoy:)


Best wishes, Ida:)

Busy weeks


Now it´s been nearly three weeks since last time you got updated from Nepal. And I promise you; the schedule has been packed. First of all we got visit from Norway. Our good friends Maria and Haavard came to stay with us for two weeks. They helped us to bring a projector all the way from Norway for the project. It will be used in the schools when we have theory classes. After some days, we took the bus to Pokhara. Our plan was to spend four days on trekking in the Himalayas before going to Far West Nepal in a wedding. Life is once again a bit unpredictable and because of sickness we didn´t go for trekking. We rather stayed in Pokhara one day and went directly to Far West Nepal. We spent Steinar´s birthday on a 12 hours bus trip. Last year, when I attended Hald International Centre, Andrea and me exchanged with two boys from Nepal: Pramod and Keshar. March 5th Keshar was getting married and we were about to attend his wedding. Unfortunately we couldn´t stay with him throughout the celebration, but we were very happy to be with him and Pramod as long as we could.

 Tuesday last week we came back home to Kathmandu. Very cool to see how far they have come on the project site! Now you can clearly see that it looks like a house. The roof is also fixed. This is so much fun J Curriculum is also soon finished written and then it´s only to make it look like a small book. The rickshaw is finished today, so we will go and get it today. Tomorrow Steinar, Devendra and me will go to a place Nagarkot. There we will have a meeting with a guy from Bangladesh who is interested in our project. We don´t know yet what fruits this can bring, but let us pray for God´s guidance and let us trust that he knows what he want for this project! Coming Sunday we will also have our first school visit. The teachings will first start in April, but we will have an introduction class for them on Sunday. Things are running quite smoothly nowadays:)

The bad news of this blog post is that all the pictures will come in next blog post, and the greatest good news of this blog post is that Devendra and Sumnima have become parents! Last Wednesday, March 6, they got a little baby boy. So now we are six people living in our apartment; Devendra, Sumnima, the new baby, Devendras mother, Steinar and me. Happy family living together:)

Steinar and I only have six days left in Nepal – for this time.  Strange how quickly time just runs away when you´re having a good time.  Hope you are all having a good day.



Account number, Norway: 2500.22.43159.

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Project site


Yesterday I can say that we sacrificed (almost) blood and sweat for the project work. So far it has been a lot of computer work, but finally we got to do something more practical. When the constructors are going to make floor in the different rooms they need among other things bricks to make the floor straight. When we started our work at the project site there was already a lot of broken bricks on our land. So instead of ordering two or three new trucks with bricks we decided to save money and pick all the broken bricks at our land and use those instead of. For many hours we were digging in the soil looking for bricks and we found a lot. Still there is a lot of work left which we will finish tomorrow.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-21 kl. 22.55.15Some of us were very happy to use some muscles again

Skjermbilde 2013-02-21 kl. 22.54.10

I´m also so excited to see how fast the construction is taking shape! Now you can actually see that it´s about to be a building.  Maybe many of you haven´t understood fully what we are going to do with this construction.

I will tell briefly about our goals and dreams for the project site. Just behind Devendra´s church we are about to build Children-BEEPs project site. Here a lot of the work we are going to do will be done. We will first of all have teachings in school about environment, health and solid waste management. We will also teach them how it´s possible to reuse, reduce and recycle waste. Here the project site comes in. We will bring the students to the project site to show them practically how it´s possible to recycle paper and how they can make handicrafts out of plastic. Outside our construction we will make a garden. We hope that our project site can be a picture on how it should also look outside our fences.

The construction we are building will contain four rooms. It´s not visible at this picture, but to the left of the left room in the picture, there is another room. This will be a small office room so that it will be possible to work also from the project site. The room to the left on the picture will be our meeting room. When students come to see how we reuse and recycle plastics and paper we will use this room. This room will be for visits of smaller groups. If bigger groups come we will be able to use the church room. The room Devendra (in the green sweater) is standing in will be our machine room. Here we will put three machines and it will be here a lot of the work will be done.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-21 kl. 22.54.57

In the room to the right we will have a storeroom. As you probably know already we will take care of the project school´s plastic and paper waste. That will be stored in this room.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-21 kl. 22.55.28

As an end of this post I have to thank you SO MUCH for contributing like you do. I have no words.  Within 7 weeks we have soon raised the budget for the starting year. That´s beyond any expectation. The help you are giving means a lot to all of us and we can´t wait to see the fruits of this.

I wish you all a lovely day 🙂 

Email: samdan.cb@gmail.com
Bank account in Norway: 2500.22.43159.

Things can´t run too smoothly all the time


So many things have been going on lately. Not necessarily good things. So far, in my own opinion, things have been running quite smoothly so far. But in these days, we have been facing some obstacles. First of all, last week we started to build.his process is doing okay, but it doesn´t go as easy as we hoped for. There are some problems that are not our problems at all but somehow it impacts our building process and us. These things has been going on since we started, so let´s hope they will find a solution quite soon so that we can continue without being worried about anything.

On our personal side, we had a plan to take some few days vacation and go to New Delhi, India to meet Andrea, my team partner last year. I wake up sick that morning but we managed to pack everything and get ready. We went to the airport excited (as excited as I could be in my condition) about meeting Andrea and to see what Delhi had to offer. We found the check in counter, showed the staff our travel documents, they weight our luggage and checked our passport. Checked our passport again. And again. “Sorry, but you can´t go to India. You don´t have visa”.  All other countries we had visited before we had never thought of visa, usually you can easily get arrival visa at the airport. This was not the case in India – or let me put it another way, you could buy arrival visa, but that would cost 2000 dollars per person and that was a little bit too much than what we could afford.
So, here we are “back in Nepal” after a two hours long vacation on the airport. Now, Steinar is ill and I have been ill (and is still not 100 % fine), so maybe it´s for the better that we are still here. It was a bit  in the moment you realized there was no hope of going, but now, it´s perfectly fine to be in Nepal. Now we have some days to get better before our good friends Maria and Haavard from Norway will come and visit. Now we can also solve the problems on the project site as well as we can finish the last parts of the curriculum making.

People say that you learn as long as you live and I think I can agree on that. So, I want to give you two advices free of charge as an end of this story:

1. Do always check if you ordered your travel in the right direction.
2. Do always check if visa is needed where you want to go (might be smart to check also when travelling within the country – just to be sure).

Skjermbilde 2013-02-17 kl. 15.11.08Here the workers come with the blocks

Skjermbilde 2013-02-17 kl. 15.14.09In the beginning. Me and Devendra checking the measurements.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-17 kl. 15.17.46

Skjermbilde 2013-02-17 kl. 15.19.42

Second update in one week…


… what is going on with me? Same number of posts in one week as in two months last time I was here. I´m surprised!

I´ll give a short update from the day before the project information comes. You see, some few, positive things has made this day a very good day. First of all, my good friend Pramod has been with us since yesterday. It was so good to meet him again:) You rock, Pramod! Secondly the weather is finally getting warmer here and the sky was totally clear. Nothing is like when you can clearly see the Himalayas from Kathmandu. That makes me happy! We started this morning a bit different then we use to do. Steinar, Pramod and me took the bus down to the centre of Kathmandu just after breakfast. A friend from church had invited us to join for a program arranged by something called Iris ministry. This ministry really shows the love of God to all kinds of people and every Thursday they go around in the centre and invite street children, gangsters, beggars, drug addicts and poor people to come for lunch. When we came there about 40 people were there. When you see these people on the street they don´t look that happy, but today you could really see them smile. One smile to these people gave you three smiles in return. The love these Iris team have for all kinds of people is so inspiring! Being there gave so many impressions, put things in perspective. Even though our project and this ministry is very different it inspired me to put an extra effort into things. Our project has a huge dream and it may sometimes feel like an impossible task to one day see Kathmandu as a clean city, but at least we need to start somewhere. Today we saw that love for others, smiles, food and an open mind did miracles – things that we all have available made miracles. So why don´t we use it? We don´t need to be the worlds best engineer or social worker to do an effort. It motivates me to work when I know that the few things I can do can help in some way. So, the conclusion is: A day with many impressions and simple things is a good day:)

So over to the project. To manage to start up this project there is no doubt we need money. We are not linked up to any organization or some rich uncle in America, so everything we want to do we have to raise money for ourself. Many have been giving us money and we are so thankful for that! I don´t know how we can thank you enough. I guess many of you wonder how we spend the money you give us. That´s what I want to tell you in this blog post. The money basically go to what´s written in the budget which is approved in the government here in Nepal. Since I´m a fan of lists so I´ll make you a list.

  • We have an office that requires some expenses. 
  • Waste bins, teaching materials, projector, handicraft equipments for our work in school
  • Rickshaw
  • To run programs through the year: river cleaning program, street cleaning program and tree planting.
  • Land lease
  • Construction building
  • Staff training
  • Salary. To make this program run, Devendra and Sunita need to get paid for the work they do. The salary they get every month is very minimal.
  • Two laptop computers

We don´t ask only about money, but if there is any other way you can contribute we will be very happy! If you have or know someone who´s about to buy a new computer and therefor throw the old one, maybe you can donate it to the project if it´s still useable? Maybe you know how to make webpages and want to help us? If you know some names that can be beneficial for us to be in touch with, we would be happy for you to share with us. If there are some questions regarding this, please let me know:)

Have a wonderful day!

Email: samdan.cb@gmail.com
Bank account in Norway: 2500.22.43159.

Hamro pyaaro Devendra!


I will start this post by sharing with you how great Devendra is! The title says in Nepali «Our dear Devendra», and that is so true. The dream he has and what he does is very inspiring. He is working hard and he sacrifices his time and effort to try to solve problems no one else cares about. Again, Devendra, you are great!

On Saturday we were all excited for what was about to happen. Last week Devendra was asked if he could prepare a presentation about environment and solid waste management. If he did that, this man would invite some selected christian leaders and pastors in Kathmandu to come listen to what he had prepared. Devendra prepared and on Saturday we traveled near the place where I used to live during the previous stay. About 30 people had arrived and were ready to hear what Devendra had to say. Some people were already concerned about environmental issues and solid waste management, but others had never thought of it before. Our project focuses on creating habits and attitude for the children, but this was a unique opportunity to also influence habits and attitude for leaders. For two hours Devendra had the attention of these people. He presented his stuff, created discussions and Sunita, the other staff in Children-BEEP did explain how you can recycle paper and how you can reuse plastics. The people payed close attention and the response to it all was much better than expected! Many pastors wanted Devendra to teach this to their congregation – one of the youth leaders of the second biggest church in Nepal wanted him to train all the youth of that church and all the daughter churches; all together 300 youths. People wanted to start to separate garbage and others would love to help us if we needed their help.

My favorite «story» from this event is a woman who very honestly shared her habits. She didn´t care that much about environmental issues, in fact she didn´t see the value for caring. Also, when she heard that someone came to collect her garbage (in Kathmandu you can hear someone whistling when they come to pick up your garbage), she used to say: «garbage is here, garbage is here» (like, the men who came were like garbage themselves). After sharing this, she said very strongly «I will never do like this again. I haven´t understood the value of this, but now I see what they actually are helping me with. From this day on, I will start respecting and I will start to appreciate what they are doing for me».

Devendra created enthusiasm. He changed attitudes. I believe that if it is possible to change the attitude of mature leaders, it´s indeed possible to create habits and attitude to young people.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-04 kl. 11.55.51

Skjermbilde 2013-02-04 kl. 11.58.26Some of the leaders that participated on the program.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-04 kl. 12.00.06Devendra starting discussion. He knows how to make people talk!

Skjermbilde 2013-02-04 kl. 12.02.02Sunita presenting what she is really good at. Recycling paper and plastic handicraft.

As in Norway, we´re back to work today also in Kathmandu. Curriculum-making is on the program and Devendra is going to order blocks for construction today! Can´t wait to start!

Have a lovely day!

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Account number Norway: 2500.22.43159.